Hooray! Infection rates have reached a considerable decline in Santa Cruz County. 

It is clear our hard work has begun to pay off.

However, as most of you already know, the hard work doesn’t stop until the game is over. 

Therefore, we wanted to fill you in on our updated Covid-19 prevention policy:

It starts at the door:

  • All students and staff are asked to self-screen for symptoms the front door, prior to entering

Masking and physical distancing:

  • We ask you to don a mask when you are in close range of other students or in a small area, such as the front office, the lounge, or in hallways.
  • If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you. 
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk and in every classroom. Please engage in the liberal and frequent application of hand sanitizer prior to leaving from and returning to your classroom.

Cleaning and disinfecting:

  • Our facility is professionally deep-cleaned and sanitized once a week.
  • Each classroom is cleaned, and surfaces are sanitized between classes.

Virtual courses continue!

  • We know some of our students who still feel more comfortable taking their courses from home will be happy to know we are still offering virtual classes. 
  • We have several virtual classes available each week. 
  • We still offer our manikin delivery option for our “Defib Delivers” virtual courses program.

For more information on Santa Cruz County

Phillip D.


Aspiring entrepreneurs take on a task way beyond themselves just because they were at the top of their craft in a totally different ball game; humility and balls is all I have to say. Good for them regardless how financially well they’ve become or not. We should all take notes Santa Cruz on what bravery looks like

picture of Phillip D.
Linda B.


I’m not a fan of online surveys.

I attended my ACLS recertification class and BLS Challenge yesterday, and enjoyed being in a classroom and learning.

I’m glad to see that in-classroom classes are mandatory for certifications and re-certifications. Effective teams are important in healthcare, and one of the best ways to work on team dynamics is participating in person. (ZOOM classes IMHO do not necessarily provide the best learning outcomes.)

The instructor. Alex Williams, did a great job providing realistic practicums for each individual student, knowing their backgrounds and what they would encounter in their clinical practice. He is also very knowledgable on the critical thinking skills for a successful resuscitation.

Facility bathroom needs work with the toilet paper dispenser (could not load the paper) and the soap dispensers not working. There was no stand alone (hand pump) soap dispenser or hand sanitizer.

picture of Linda B.
Martha N.


Good Afternoon Defib

I had my BLS course yesterday . Service was great. The receptionist greeted me with a smile ..

Facility was clean . One thing I would say is that it was cold and other students agreed as well . I always enjoy Bob F. his instruction makes the class enjoyable. He is easily approachable when I have questions or concerns and very knowledgeable.

See you in two years  

picture of Martha N.
Jared B.


Excellent classes and staff!

Aki is very knowledgeable, supportive, and helpful!

You will have a stronger resume when you put Defib This classes on it!

picture of Jared B.

Here’s what our students are saying…

picture of Phillip D.
Phillip D.
picture of Linda B.
Linda B.
picture of Martha N.
Martha N.
picture of Jared B.
Jared B.
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